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A number of jazz clubs in Central London present jazz every night, and there are similar clubs in the main residential London areas to the north, south east and west.

The most famous London jazz club is of course in Soho, the heart of London's entertainment and restaurant area: Ronnie Scott's, which has been in business for over 35 years and is now part of the tourist trail in London as well as being a Mecca for jazz enthusiasts and jazz musicians. The club was created by the famous British saxophonist of the same name to provide somewhere for audiences to hear, and somewhere for musicians to play, modern jazz. Also in Soho and near Ronnie's [as it as always been known by aficionados] is the Pizza Express Jazz Club in Dean Street, which through the determination of a discriminating club manager, Peter Wallis, has now established itself as a jazz venue of considerable integrity.
Whereas Ronnie's books artists for a minimum period of a week [this can stretch to two or even three] Peter Wallis presents artists at the Pizza Express for as long as he thinks they can sustain an audience, although occasionally big names coming through London play there for one or two nights to suit their schedule.

The third central London jazz venue is the Jazz Cafe. This is in Camden, near the famous Camden Market popular with younger visitors to London. The club has a more eclectic music policy than the previous two, with more emphasis on funk, latin and club and can also include well known blues, soul and urban folk acts. Again, acts are booked on an irregular basis, so it is wise to consult two media that carry accurate and intelligent jazz information: the Evening Standard 'Hot Tickets' section, and Time Out, the weekly listings magazine.

In each of these clubs it is recommended that you book a table, particularly if you want to eat.
In East Central London the happening venue is the Central Bar in Old Street, before you reach the Barbican development. To the north it is the Vortex in Stoke Newington, and to the south the 606 Club, just behind Chelsea's Kings Road. To the west is the Bull's Head at Barnes. All 4 clubs present good quality jazz acts.

:: Jonathan Abbott ::

Date : August 31, 2001
Author : Jonathan Abbott

::: NOTES :::

Ronnie Scott's Club
47 Frith Street
Soho London W1
Tel. 020 7439 0747
Web: [www]

Pizza Express Jazz Club
10 Dean Street
Soho London W1
Tel. 020 7439 8722
Web: [www]

Jazz Cafe
5 Parkway
Camden Town
Tel. 020 7916 6060

Central Bar
58 Old Street
London EC1
Tel. 020 7490 0080

Bulls Head
London SW13
Tel. 020 8876 5241

The Vortex
139 - 141 Stoke Newington
Church Street
London N16
Tel. 020 7254 6516 606

Club 90
Lots Road
London SW10
Tel. 020 7352 5953


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